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902, unit 3,Building 2, Xingdaojiari, Yizhuang, Bridge South, Daxing District

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Phone: +86 1082613785
Fax: +86 1082613785
Mobile: +86 131 4146 3919

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Product description

1-MCP is the Most effective ethylene inhibitor .A breakthrough technology in fruit storage and shipping.

Maintains fresh-picked quality of crops by working with natural ripening process:

With 1-MCP, ethylene-sensitive crops don't respond to ethylene. Eliminates the damaging affects of ethylene to keep the fresh-picked quality to the consumer. 1-MCP product can be used in several ethylene-sensitive fruits, vegetables and flowers. By effectively inhibiting the effect of endogenous and exogenous ethylene, 1-MCP can reduce the respiratory rate of plant and achieve the following effects:
  • Maintain the firmness and freshness of fruits and vegetables;
  • Maintain the fresh apparence of fruits, vegetables and flowers;
  • Maintain the flavor of fruits, vegetables and flowers;
  • Reduce the weight loss of fruits and vegetables caused by respiration;
  • Extend the florescence of potted plants and cut flowers;
  • Reduce the physiological disease incidence during logistics;
  • Improve the plant resistance to diseases.

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