Alanar Meyve ve Gida Üretim Pazarlama San. Tic. A.S.


Cukurca mah. Celtik Köy Yolu No. 43 Osmangazi-Bursa
16040 Bursa

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Exhibitor profile

Alanar was established by Yavuz Taner in 2006. Yavuz Taner engaged in exporting fresh fruits and vegetables in the early 1980s and has made great contributions to development of the sector since then. He has particularly contributed to improvement of Turkish cherry and Bursa Black fig. Since 2006, Alanar has formed various orchards in 8 different regions of Turkey. Approximately 500 Hectares of orchards have been formed in Antalya, Çukurova, Manisa, Afyon, Çanakkale, and Bursa. Cherry, apricot, black fig, pomegranate, nectarine, plum, and apple are the main items to produce and export. The orchards established in different regions and climates and prolonged season of crops support end ensure the production of fruits from the early regions to late ones and beginning of the season till the end. Yavuz Taner also established the Alara Nursery in 2001. Through this company, he has imported specific and patented kind of fruits, which are also demanded by the consumers, from all around the world. He has grown these trees in Turkey both to create the orchards of Alanar and to allocate such saplings to contracted planters for ensuring them to have a controlled production, and consequently purchase the crops. Alanar is the only company in Turkey that performs the most patented production. It is also the largest fruit grower and exporter in Turkey. In addition to its production, Alanar purchases products from contracted growers. Alanar grows fruits as globalgap standarts in her orchards. Alanar has cold storages and packaging facilities in three different regions of Turkey. It performs fruit processing, storage, and shipment in these facilities. All storages have Globalgap and BRC certificates.
Alanar exports fruits to approx. 25 countries mainly Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia and Northern America and has a large network of distribution and marketing. Alanar has been interested in and concentrated on Far East and Middle East markets in particular.

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