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CTR Nacional 110 KM 381
10614 Valdastilla


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Product description

The Jerte Valley , in Extremadura in the west of Spain , is a mountainous area classified by the European Union as Protected Donomination of Origin "Jerte Cherry".
Cherries have been havested in the Jerte Valley for ofer seven cdenturies, making it today the largest area devoted to this fruit in all Europe.
Our overage crop is around fourteen thousand tons, with a potential for over 24000, depending on climatic conditions. this specialisation makes the Agrupación de Cooperativas the leading European Cherry Supplier.
Such experience enables us to meet each client´s needs for health and safety , quality and packaging.
Most of the farms rely on family labour to carry out the main tasks, particularly the picking is one of the hardest activity. This requires a great skill as it is completely manual due to  the fragile and delicate nature of the fruit.
The harvest lasts from 12 to 15 weeks, from late April to early August but Picota cherry starts mid-end June and finishes end of July, depending on weather conditions.
Once the fruit has been picked, attention turns back to cultivation. This requires a continuous and intense part-time work during the year  due to the abrupt nature of the region and steep hills.

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