Enza Zaden Beheer B.V.


Haling 1E
1602 DB Enkhuizen


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Exhibitor profile

Enza Zaden is an international vegetable breeding company. So what does that entail? In a nutshell, our company develops new vegetable varieties. We do this for more than 30 different vegetable crops, among which are lettuce, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Enza Zaden produces and sells the seeds of these crops all over the world. To give you an example: every year, around twenty billion heads of lettuce are grown from our lettuce seed.

Jaap Mazereeuw, managing director and the third generation to run Enza Zaden: “We make continuous innovations and constant investments to offer people all over the world access to healthy, varied vegetables”. Enza Zaden invests large sums of money – thirty percent of its annual turnover - in research and development. And that pays off in the form of a constant flow of innovations on the global market.

Enza Zaden maintains close contacts with its customers via its 45 subsidiaries on all the continents and its intensive cooperation with all the parties in the chain. The empowerment of local employees and the foundation of local organisations also make the company very alert to signals from the market. All this enables Enza Zaden’s establishments in the market to produce products specifically intended for the market.

Enza Zaden also has a subsidiary specialising entirely in organic seeds to meet the globally growing demand for organic vegetables. Distinguish your brand and company in the vegetable and fruit industry with an unique variety from Enza Zaden!
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