Long shelf life AND great taste

Product of Enza Zaden Beheer B.V.


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Product description

The melon is a worldwide product, but not all markets have the right climate to be able to meet the demand for this product. So importing is the only answer – and preferably from growing areas as close to home as possible. Carmen Ampt, Junior Portfolio Manager at Enza Zaden explains. “The further away the producer is from the consumer, the longer the shelf life needs to be. But the shelf life of the melon is directly related to its taste.”

Enza Zaden now has developed a new range of fully netted cantaloupe melons, which have a long shelf life and great taste. Ampt: “These varieties are selected in Honduras, but they grow very well in many other places. That makes these varieties so unique.” Karameza and Kazanova are two new Fully Netted Cantaloupe varieties that have this great quality. “The shelf life of these varieties is excellent, as well as the taste. And that’s exactly what the chain is looking for. Consumers want year-round availability of tasty melons, wherever in the world. With these varieties we are able to give them that.”

Next to taste and shelf life, consistency is important in melons. Considering the time span between field and consumer plate, it is important for the end consumer that the melon looks and taste the same at any given moment. Firmness and brix levels have been tested at arrival in Europe and the stability of Karameza was noticed directly. This makes Karameza a reliable variety for the grower, the trader as well as the end consumer.

Cantaloupe Sutured
Besides the Fully Netted Cantaloupe Enza Zaden is also working hard on the development of the Cantaloupe Sutured. This type is distinguished by its stripes on the skin and slightly more difficult since it has generally a lower yield compared to the Fully Netted Cantaloupe. The transportation is another attention point since the sutures are not covered with a net and the skin of the sutures is more sensitive to bruises and can influence the sense of freshness of the fruits. Although consumers are generally more charmed of its appearance than a Fully Netted Cantaloupe. The taste and brix of the Cantaloupe Sutured are superior.