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12F Huiming Building, 3046 Aiguo Road, Luohu District


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Exhibitor profile

Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruits Ltd, formally established as a company in 1997 with its full experience and great expertise in business dated back from year 1989, when it first set foot in fruit business. It is located in Shenzhen, the largest international metropolis of China. With superior product quality, polished operational system and favourable location, Yuanxing has built great partnership with fruits importer and exporter from over 20 countries, and channels its products well all over China. Today, Yuanxing becomes a comprehensive enterprise with full industry chain for agro-product, from fruit and vegetable farming, harvesting, processing, storing to transportation, wholesale, supermarket distribution, retail, import and export.

After over 20 years of development, Yuanxing, as a national leading enterprise, has been awarded many titles, to name but a few, China Top 10 Fruits Company, large scale agriculture products distributor issued by Ministry of Commerce, Shenzhen Top 100 Company, etc. Yuanxing is also an owner of many well-known brand, e.g Yuanxing Golden Fruits, Lucky Boy, Cute Girl, Damo Piaoxiang,etc. The Yuanxing Golden Fruits is now a Famous Trademark in Guangdong Province.

With its unique business model, “Company+ Farming base+ Farmer”, Yuanxing is capable of controlling its product quality from the origin and commits the best quality fruits to customer with the support of its comprehensive industry chain. There are 6 production bases mounting almost 667 hectare located in Jiangxi, Xinjiang and Shandong provinces. The product base in Vietnam is in operation with annual processing volume over 70,000 tons. Yuanxing has stable and long-term relationship over 1,000 production bases, farming co-operation and farmers in China. Products of Yuanxing are not only certified with the ISO9001 and EUREP GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), but also control under strict internal classification system set by Yuanxing with even higher standard than international average. 5 large-scaled cold storages with 30,000 tons storage capacity in total and 5000 tons cold storages for transit storage with professional refrigerated lorries have been established by Yuanxing. We have been working with many well-know supermarkets, such as: Parknshop, Carrefour, JUSCO,Rainbow and Vanguard, etc. Besides major supermarkets, wholesale market and E-commerce, our products also export to international markets. Due to growing demands, Yuanxing is now expanding rapidly its distribution team in north, central, east, west and northwest China. With overseas planters, we sell over 3500 containers of imported fruits annually and serve 200,000 tons best fruits to our customers nationwide.

“supplier of Supreme quality Fruits and Leader of healthy Lifestyle” is the company mission of Yuanxing. We are not only a seller of fruits, but also an responsible player in community. We join the public service activities and promote healthy and positive attitude towards life, not just picking good fruits to our customers. Yuanxing values “Industry Chain and Fruits quality’ and dedicates to become the global integrator of superior fruit supply with no effort spared in the standardisation of domestic fruit supply and the exploration of new varieties, farming and promotion in  fruits production areas overseas, e. g. New Zealand, Chile, Australia and South Africa.

What Yuanxing do are not just gathering the best fruits from whole word together, but also sharing the refined taste with every corners of the world. Every fresh fruits with dewdrop are dedication the fruit picker in the morning, preciseness of the deliverer and warm greetings to our customers.Yuanxing focuses on good fruits, but they are more willing to be defined as messenger of gourmet. They devote all their passion in every detail. They believe that the passion to career is the caring to customers. The mission of Yuanxing is to plant the best fruits in highest standard and serve the customers with refined taste.
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