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  • 1-MCP powder

    • Hall 5 U30
    1-MCP is the Most effective ethylene inhibitor .A breakthrough technology in fruit storage and shipping. Maintains fresh-picked quality of crops by working with natural ripening process: With 1-MCP, ethylene-sensitive crops don't respond to ethylene. Eliminates the damaging affects of ethylene to keep the fresh-picked quality to the consumer. 1-MCP product can be used in several ethylene-sensitive fruits, vegetables and flowers. By effectively inhibiting the effect of endogenous and exogenous…
  • 1-MCP powder

    • Hall 5 A09
    1-MCP (1-Methylcyclopropene) is a synthetic hydrocarbon molecule that interacts with the ethylene receptor and inhibits the response of fruit or plant to ethylene. It is a postharvest tool for counteracting undesirable effects of ethylene on harvested fruits and vegetables during transport and storage. 1-MCP powder is mainly used for harvested fruits; cut flowers; and ornamental plants and vegetables in enclosed indoor sites, such as coolers, truck trailers, greenhouses, storage facilities, an…
  • ABL Spa

    • Hall 3 G13
    Fourty years of activity all committed to technological innovation. ABL has established itself as the leading manufacturer in the fruit processing industry. We supply automatic and mechanical peelers and corers, and we are specialized in separating the non-edible parts of the fruit from the pulp. Automatic apple peelers, mango peeler and destoner, watermelon peleer and chunker, orange and kiwi peeler, pineapple and melon peeler and chunker. Special project have also been developed in the need t…

    • Hall 5 A01
    Absoger is since now 30 years specialized in Controlled atmosphere. We manufacture a complete range of systems dedicated to fruits preservation in controlled atmosphere. ULO and Extreme ULO. Our products have been developed in collaboration with research centers to fit totally with the fruits. ABSOGER range of products allows a complete control of gases in cold storage rooms. We have been developing the extreme ULO or XLO (O2 and CO2down from 0.7 to 1% depending on fruits varieties), …
  • Advanced Fresh Air Management Plus (AFAM+)

    AFAM+ is an advanced technology used to prolong the post-harvest life of agricultural commodities. It regulates oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to reach an optimal density and thereby slowing the respiration, ripening and water loss of the products. This ensures superb retention of the product’s original taste, color and texture for better consumption prices and distribution to distant markets. To achieve the optimal environment, the AFAM+ technology utilizes a motorized fresh air exchange doo…
  • Agroland for Agricultural Manufacturing

    • Hall 3 O09
    AGROLAND is one of the top leading Egyptian companies specialized in growing, manufacturing & exporting of agricultural fresh produce such as oranges, lemons, potatoes & onions to major worldwide export markets via implementation of the latest state of the art product development technologies as well as valuing long term business relationship strategies with our clients which includes commitment, integrity, health care, hygiene, consistent high quality, on-time delivery & on-going customer suppo…
  • Air coolers (freezing units)

    Product of INTERKO
    • Hall 5 V20
    The specific design of the various versions of the air coolers, with slat spacing that can vary between 2.5 and 10 mm, makes them extremely suitable for storing various products that have to lose little or no moisture. This depends on the cells' applications and temperatures. All kinds of materials can be used on request.   The standard versions of all coolers can be selected simply from the selection programme, which is available on request.   If you have specific requiremen…
  • GM Mohammed Al Mashikhi

    Networker of Erou commercial co.
    We are looking for new technologies in the supply of fruits and vegetables to hotels and restaurants with high quality Vegetables and fruits such as watermelon, sweetmelon etc.
  • Ali Alyamani

    Networker of Emirates Advanced Investments Group
    Equity partners, companies, Entrepreneurs and portfolio managers Seed capital, early-stage, start-up ventures, existing LLC and total completion and expansion of investment projects with immediate funding. We provide fund for expansion or for capital investment at 3.5% interest and/OR part equity position with a 5 to 10 year hold.
  • Julien Amar

    Contact person of BioXTEND Co.
    Businesses struggling with ripening and mold issues in the transit of the fresh cargoes, to assist them with our expertise and solutions. Ethylene Filters for containers, trailers and coolers Ethylene Sachets for produce cases and boxes Temperature Recorders to monitor the cold chain strengthening in transit
  • Gill Ambler

    Networker of Uvasys - Keeping Grapes Fresher for Longer
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Postharvest packaging for table grapes, lychees and berries
  • Jason Anderson

    Networker of Hort Air Services Limited
    Wanting to meet with potential new equipment manufacturers looking to establish their product in the New Zealand and Australian market. Also looking to meet new potential customers who would like a reliable, proven, non-chemical way of prolonging the storage life of their products.