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    Turkey benefits of very good climatic and ecological conditions which enhance the potential for the production of many fruit and vegetable varieties, and particularly the citrus fruit cultivation. In 2013 Turkey’s citrus production was 3,6 million tons ranking Turkey 9th considering the world citrus production. 80 % of Turkey’s citrus fruit is grown on the Mediterranean Coast, where the Mediterranean Exporter Unions is settled and therefore this region owns an important place in our country…
  • Fruit & Vegetable Exports Of Turkey

    Turkey Total Fruit & Vegetable Exports (2014): 3,5 million tons; (2013): 3,3 million tons. The volume of fresh fruit exports amounted 774.407 tons in 2014. In 2014, citrus exports rose to 1,5 million tons. Turkey exported 646.108 tons easy peelers and 181.230 tons grapefruits. As for lemons and oranges, the export figures were respectively 414.051 tons and 344.078 tons. Turkey exported 1,1 milllion tons of fresh vegetables in 2014. Turkey exports most of its fresh fruit and vegetable…
  • Karaali Sentetik Dokuma Sanayi Ticaret ve ithalat-ihracat Ltd. Sti

    Karaali company was founded at 1992 in Hatay city to process fresh fruits and vegatables comply with the conditions as requested by countries ( we work mostly with Russia and it's neighbors as well as Israel ) We have places in Moscow to sell our own goods already and we are looking for partners to co-op. We are offering Sweet Cherry, Grapes, Citrus,Stone Fruits, Pomegranates, Tomatoes, Cucumber and some other vegetables. Our facilities are: In Hatay city, 2.000 mt² cold storage of 10.000 mt²…
  • Production of Fruit & Vegetables In Turkey

    Turkey’s fresh fruit & vegetable production is approximately 47 million tons. What is remarkable with the Turkish fresh fruit industry is not only the great diversity in the number of fruits grown but also the astonishing quantity of the total produce, about 18,2 million tons in 2013. The fresh produce grown in Turkey mainly consists of grape-like fruits, pomefruits, stone fruits and citrus fruits.  Turkey is the world leader in the production of Apricots (%18 of world production), Che…