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  • COOPAMAN, S.L.C. Haysam Attar

    Networker of COOPAMAN, S.LC.
    Distributors, Importers, Supermarkets, wholesalers, etc. COOPAMAN is an organization fully devoted to garlic. Made up of 6 Cooperatives from the Spanish province of Cuenca producing the best qualities of garlic in the world. It has undergone continuous growth ever since it was first established in 1986 and currently has over 2,000 hectares under cultivation, and an annual garlic production close to 21.000 tons. And thanks to our commitment to quality and service, this has made COOPAMAN the la…
  • Jose Maria Bretones

    Networker of THOMASOL S.L.
    Key Account Manager
    We´re looking for fruit importers and partners in AFL HK. Top quality fruit and vegetables from Spain.
  • Ritz Evan Chu

    Networker of Regulus Trading
    Business Development
    Beans, Onions, Agri Processing Machinery, Cold Chain Tools
  • Kamoliddin Kalandarov

    Networker of LLC "Gold Dried Fruits Export"
    Exoprters of fresh, dried and frozen fruits and vegetables
    Imorters for fresh, dried and frozen fruits and vegetables Fresh, Dried and Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Pedro Lopez

    Networker of Coollogger
    Temperature data logger, datalogger
  • Vicente Monge

    Networker of LA VEGUILLA
    Sales Manager
    Distributors, Retail chains, Wholesalers Fresh Garlic and Onions from Spain, with a whle range of packing formats
  • Carmen Nicolas

    Networker of Just Quality Systems
  • sergio perez-borbujo

    Networker of IREN GROUP
    Organic Bananas, Organic Fairtrade Bananas
  • Marta Sanchez

  • CEO Pedro Sitjar


    Networker of URIA EXPORT
    Asia Regional Responsable
    We’re looking for a stable partner abroad. A distributor for our fruit to go hand in hand with, someone in whom we can have blind faith, as only those in love do, they tell each other everything. That’s what we want; to tell you everything, from when the fruit has been picked from the tree and what happens to it until it reaches your hands. Fresh fruit and vegetable produced in Spain. For example, berries, cherry,kaki, citrus, kaki, stone fruit, grapes, onion, garlic...
  • Africa Tamarit

    Networker of E. Tamarit Export, S.A
    We are looking for importers, distributors, retailers. We are a business group specialized in oranges and mandarins. With our own production and others, we provide an integral service in terms of citrus the twelve months of the year.